ager Machine & Tool began as the concept and plan of Bill Hager over 40 years ago. As a CNC machinist renowned for his innovative approaches with dedication to speed and simplicity, Hager saw his following within the industry grow quickly. In 1985, Bill incorporated Hager Machine and Tool, Inc. Now in its third location to keep up with growth, Hager is an integral part of Atec with over 15 machines on 5 acres with 25,000 square feet in 2 buildings. Together, all the companies have 65+ machines on 60 acres housing 350,000 square feet of buildings.

Hager has longtime energy & aerospace industry customer roots. Combined with the Atec companies, Hager’s oil patch pedigree is linked to forerunners Atec Resources, SIP, Accurate Instruments, Coastline Exploration, ColTex Drilling, Lymco Electronics, CATCO, Amtex Supply, Celtech, Vital Link, Kestran and Coltex Drilling. In aerospace, Hager’s ancestry includes test chambers at NASA JSC, the original Crawler and Vehicle Assembly Building at Canaveral, Titan missile fuel system, jet engine test & support, and now ChCat Hager, the ISS, Starliner crew capsule and various rocket engine components. This total workload balance keeps Hager busy and growing through industry business cycles.

Atec offers broadened energy and aerospace opportunity to Hager. Certified to ISO9001 and AS9100D, Hager continues to emphasize low cost and speed. New high tech CNC additions with facility, IT and roof upgrades demonstrate Hager’s stability and progress. AS9100D Quality Certification shows our commitment and capability to deliver machined components of the highest precision. Manufacturing techniques, such as Additive/3D Printing, multi-axis Water Jetting, Laser Cutting and 5 axis, live tool Machining are now bolstering Hager’s offerings. Bill Hager’s vision for machining innovation and excellence leaps forward again through Atec’s involvement. Our commitment to our customers is first class – call us with your machining, fabrication and assembly needs!

  • Founded 1976; Incorporated 1986; Acquired 2016
  • AS9100D and ISO9001: 2015 Certified Quality System
  • Cage Codes – 7BPU4
  • DUNS #137580601
  • 15 Employees-N. Houston, TX USA
  • Campus: 5 Acres, 2 buildings; 25,000 sq. ft.
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