Engine Test Stands Overview

C eltech has been the volume leader in Aeroengine Mil IM test stands for over 25 years.  We have been the primary supplier of T20 turbojet and T21 turboprop ground based test systems since award of a contract to deliver 104 systems to the USAF in 1988.  Celtech innovated the T-20C to include low cost testing of the F404/414 engines with EDACS. Celtech has been involved in production, installation and refurbishment of over 300 military intermediate test stands worldwide. Responsiveness, Sustainment and Low Costs are emphasized at Celtech.

For over 10 years, Celtech held the USAF IDIQ Contract for Provision, Repair & Support of their test stands worldwide.  Our support and supply of the T20C system with ENDAS II & EDACS, and the T21D system with ENDAS and ADAQ continues today.  Celtech innovated the T20C to include testing for the F404/414 engines with EDACS. Our companies have successfully integrated modern J85 testing on the M37/T20 test stands many times, at home and abroad. We are an original provider of the T-24/T-33 (air dyno) test equipment, and in current discussions with parties interested in modernization.  In September 2013, we joined the corporate team of Atec, Inc., a respected aeroengine test and support firm since 1953.  Our combined resources can handle any aeroengine test and maintenance project. Together, our 70+ engineers are studying our test stands, enclosures and other products for continuous improvement.  Celtech test stands are manufactured and repaired to US Military Configuration, while utilizing Technology advances wherever practical.  At Celtech, we service what we sell – call us for any of your test stand needs!