C eltech strives to offer repair services for all currently fielded equipment including legacy and obsolete gear.  Repairs can be conducted at Celtech’s facility in Carlsbad, NM or on-site at the customer’s location.  Our field service representatives are equipped and ready to meet your servicing needs worldwide.  Initial phone consultation with Celtech technicians can provide telephone troubleshooting, as well as guidance on any evaluation of the equipment needing repairs.  Where pre-repair evaluations are conducted, repairs are not undertaken until evaluations are transmitted to our clients, repair options priced and approved client instructions are received.  Obsolescence and future serviceability are considered in our evaluations and repairs. As we repair items, we try to overcome sourcing problems and restore function through incremental technology refreshment. This process aids our customers in operation of their older equipment in a high tech world. Sustainment is a key at Celtech.

Equipment that is repaired at Celtech’s facility follows the following ISO9001 process:

  1. Purchase order is received from the Customer initiating equipment evaluation.
  2. Equipment is received and inspected for shipping damage.  A receiving inspection report is generated and the equipment is tagged as Customer Owned Material.
  3. The equipment is evaluated against the standard Acceptance Test Procedures used on new equipment.  All deviations are noted and an Evaluation Report is generated along with the recommended repair process and materials.
  4. The repair is quoted to the customer to allow for a cost analysis to be performed.
  5. If the repair is approved, the equipment is moved to a Production Work Order and the repair process flows through the same process as current production work.
  6. Once the repair is complete, the item is tested per the Acceptance Test Procedure and inspected by the Quality Assurance Department.  Final Repair Reports are generated and the repaired item is shipped back to the customer.

On-site repairs can vary depending on the state of the equipment and complexity of the repair.  These require coordination with Field Services & Engineering.  Please contact Celtech Contracts Admin or Quotations personnel for the initialization of a field repair, or get urgent assistance via our 24/7 hotline 1-877-514-2218. 

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