Data Systems Overview

D ata and control systems from Celtech offer our customers proven, current technology at a low price.  This works with Celtech’s long commitment to practical high technology.  Our famous ENDAS system in use at nearly 200 locations worldwide has now been upgraded to ENDAS II and EDACS.  ADAQ is also available.  Celtech’s focus is on Aeroengine Test Stands.  We have more people on our team today with daily involvement with test stands than ever before.  Our data acquisition and monitoring systems are designed for the mobile, rugged, affordable test stand arena.  Our control systems work with all engine sensor networks and controllers—FADECs, DEECs, ECUs or legacy. We use COTS where possible, and we service what we sell in our factory and in the field. Our systems cost less to purchase and less to sustain. 

When budget is important in Jet, Turboprop or Turboshaft testing, Celtech’s data systems are a high value answer.