ENDAS-II C eltech’s Data Acquisition & Control System is an automated system designed to facilitate testing of turbofan and turboshaft engine types.  It is flexible and can be configured to support a wide variety of aircraft engines. ENDAS first entered the test stand control arena in 1998.  ENDASII came on the scene in 2007, for T20C turbojet applications.  In 2012, EDACS with internal trim, vibe and DECMON features became available as the latest Celtech Data Acquisition & Control System.  Now in its third version, EDACS acquires physical measurements near the engine using a data acquisition system located within a External J-Box. Digital Engine Control Modules are seamlessly interfaced.  This system provides a modern, affordable test alternative for F404/414 engines. The data is then transmitted via ethernet back to a host computer for further processing.  The software within the computer interprets the data and then presents it on an associated display screen located in the control cab. EDACS is built on the proven LabWindows™/CVI. Automated operation is now a optional feature of EDACS.


With EDACS you can:

  • View all engine and facility related parameters
  • Monitor and analyze engine vibrations
  • Collect real time trace data for multiple engine parameters
  • Save engine data for later analysis such as standard day corrections
  • Monitor and limit check external/facility parameters and instrumentation

Celtech’s EDACS is flexible and expandable

  • Additional engines can be supported with existing hardware
  • Software remaps J-Box hardware for different uses
  • New transducers/channels added, if required
  • Custom software screens and applications
  • Engine adapter harness kits
  • Upgrade installation kits
  • Universal throttle system eliminates need for multiple throttles types

Vibration Analysis

EDACS provides an interactive vibration display that allows you to configure the system to handle almost any type of vibration measurement.

  • Configure each channel to support accelerometer or velocity type pickups
  • Configure tachometer ratios
  • Set transducer sensitivity
  • Select high-pass filter frequency
  • Display narrow band, wide band and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in real-time
  • Trim balance analysis

Data Logging

EDACS provides data logging for the duration of a test.  Data is collected in the background and is stored to the local file system as tab delimited text for easy data import into external software.  EDACS supports two basic data logging types:

  • User initiated data collection, e.g. pressing the “Save Data” button
  • Data collection triggered by an event or alarm condition

Operator Display/Run Screen

EDACS supports a Run Screen that presents data in tabular format.  Typical Run Screen features allow users to:

  • Display engine parameters in engineering units
  • Switch display units during tests (e.g. degree F or C, percent or RPM)
  • Set parameter alarms indicating normal, low, mid or or high limits
  • Acknowledge and clear alarms

 Celtech continues to support older installations of ENDAS & ENDAS II. Call for more information.