Fuel & Oil Systems

Preservation-Tank C eltech’s Oil Preservation System has a 300 gallon stainless steel tank for supply and storage of  oil to preserve fuel-wetted engine components during engine shut down for periods of inactivity. This system works in conjunction with a Fuel/Oil Distribution Module through a three-way valve during shutdown, as controlled by a switch in the Control Cab.

PLAB-6-18-13-044The Oil Preservation System contains the following components; oil tank level indicator, three inch (3”) remote-controlled shutoff valve, manual shutoff valve with check valve, nitrogen bottle, optional insulation and heating element, integral pressure regulator to pressurize the tank for flow of oil during operation, and all the necessary plumbing and electrical hardware required to operate the system. Celtech has provided hundreds of oil preservation systems and other fluid systems. We can provide skid-mounted storage, pump and filter packages specifically designed to meet the needs of your engine requirement facility needs.

For example, the photo (above) and diagram (below) of the Celtech Oil Preservation/Engine Pickling System for the T-56/AE2100 and other turboprop engines.


Key Features

  • Celtech can design a full-featured oil preservation system for your facility supporting your post-test engine support needs.
  • Skid packages are pre-assembled at Celtech’s factory to facilitate quick site installation and piping connection.
  • The system is fully compatible with all existing engine adapter kits and equipment.
  • Retrofit of existing oil preservation systems.



The mobile fuel system contains all components needed for engine testing, including pump, filter, and flow meter. The fuel system adheres to MS design and safety standards and is compatible with Air Force hardware. The standard fuel trailer capacity is 2500 gallons; options available. The backflow regulation system improves flow and stability at high flow rates. Ground mounted fuel pallets are also available for large capacity, lesser portability applications.