Engine Support Equipment Overview

C eltech has produced many Support Equipment items over the last 40 years.  Some of our gear is recently developed for the most modern needs, and others are still repaired and manufactured to support our legacy customers.  Affordable pricing is a hallmark of Celtech value.  Our access to documentation and our new affiliation with Atec, Inc. gives us over 100 years of corporate experience in aeroengine test systems.  We host the USAF T20/T21 surplus boneyard at our Carlsbad Airfield location.  

Whether your aeroengine support needs are mechanical items, heavy fabrications, accessories, cables, electronics, or control software, Celtech can offer an affordable solution. Or, whether you need the latest item developed and made by Celtech (or Atec), or an older legacy item from Celtech, Space Corp., Page Avjet, Shaw & Estes, Knight Aerospace, ASE or Atec. Contact us—we can help. 

Call us for your engine support equipment needs.