ecent update improvements have added to our throttle’s features, reliability, and precision. Celtech Corporation introduces the new Electronic “Smart” Throttle. The Electronic Throttle is a complete throttle control system that is comprised of three major components:

1. Throttle Handle Assembly

2. Throttle Actuator Assembly

3. Throttle Power Module Assembly

This throttle is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Celtech’s field-proven Electric Throttle.  Atec’s Model 5400 (formerly ServoGlide™) Throttle can also be provided as an option.



  • Replaces Space Corp., Shaw & Estes, PCT, Control X, and Boat type or ASE legacy throttles
  • Interfaces with all modern electronic DAS and DEEC controls
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic programmed throttle movement
  • Pushbutton controls integrated into throttle handle assembly
  • Throttle angle resolution 0.02 degrees
  • Throttle can be “rigged” via local pushbutton menu system or from computer software
  • Programmable electronic position stops and speeds
  • Velocity stick for manual positioning and setup
  • Stand-alone operation or remote control via Ethernet, TCP/IP
  • Velocities or speeds can be set via Ethernet prior to executing a position change
  • Five programmable position settings
  • Three programmed preset speed settings on the throttle handle
  • Remote commands can select almost any speed
  • Mechanical mounts and engine shaft adapters are used to interface to different engine types
  • Integrated “Idle-Hold” switch function
  • Integrated “Cut-Off Enable” switch function
  • Integrated “Drive Disable” safety switch
  • No field calibration requirement