C eltech’s first commitment in our products is to quality, with commitment to configuration and compatibility of fielded systems right behind.  Celtech’s Test Stand products are designed as modular systems.  These systems have a specified configuration to work in worldwide applications.  Parts lists, inventories, maintenance manuals, drawings, T.O.s and training are highly valued in Celtech’s products. Form, fit, function, familiarity, and interface can be everything in a test stand accessory or component. We have been servicing and updating some of our products over 30 years.  

Many customers have special needs and requirements that do not match the standard configuration. When client requirements dictate customization, Celtech offers additional services and accessories for your special Test Stand or Test Cell needs.  Electrical power and air base layouts are the two most common determinants.  Celtech engineers can participate with you from the initial conceptual planning phase of the project.  We have many customized alternates and accessories already designed.  Or, we can custom design the system layout and equipment connections to fit the specific needs of the area where the Test Stand will be installed.
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Available Options

  • Custom designed testing pads with below grade piping and cable trays
  • Custom Sunshades to protect the equipment and test personnel in harsh environments
  • Fuel and Air Start hard piping to replace flexible hoses
  • Connection to available 3 phase power to eliminate the need for a Ground Power Cart
  • Customized interconnection cable lengths and piping runs
  • Larger sized Control Cabs with enhanced acoustics and EMI protection
  • Double-Wall UL142 Fuel Tank which does not require a Fuel Containment AreaBoneyardFire-Bottle-Actuator-2